Friday, March 14, 2014

Tri for Triumph: Reasons to Race 1-5

In April, two of my passions will collide: education & fitness. I've been training since January, and on I'm racing for access to education for those whose paths are cut short not from lack of talent or promise but from lack of resources. All proceeds will benefit a great organization: Scholarship America.
April 6th, I'll hit South Beach, along with some Mandell colleagues, for the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon. I'm racing for fun and for a personal best, but more than that, I'm racing for a great organization: Scholarship America.

Scholarship America widens the access to quality education by helping to remove the formidable economic barrier facing many students. Through our partnership with Scholarship America, we've also been able to enrich our school community by sustaining our commitment to diversity and equitable access to a quality program.

I've decided to share my reasons to race in pieces over the next few weeks leading up to the triathlon. Here's 1-5 to kick it off...

Reason to Race #1 (Monday): I've had the good fortune to teach some incredible students who have benefited from access to quality education because of this organization.
Reason to Race #2 (Tuesday): I'm racing because in life, some paths are filled with more obstacles than others, yet achievement is measured as if the course is the same. It won't ever be the same for all, but removing some obstacles along the way creates a chance for victory despite others.

Reason to Race #3 (Wednesday): Yesterday, thousands of NYC 8th graders found out which public high schools they got into. There are some excellent public "options"...but too few for too many students. Unfortunately, despite "school choice" instead of zoning, a student's neighborhood and the quality of public middle and elementary schools still dictate the opportunities they have in high school. Organizations like Scholarship America provide opportunities for some students who failed the numbers game in the public hs race to gain access to private options. Rich or poor, all students deserve a quality education, and until we have consistently high quality in all public schools, public and private must partner to widen the path to a bright future.

Reason to Race #4 (Thursday): To see the awesome people who come out to help. When we are tired, sweaty, and want to stop running, those along the sidelines cheer us on and give us water. Everyone needs cheerleaders in life! Happy to get the chance to pay it forward to some great kids.

Reason to Race #5 (Friday): For Friday, let's stick with fun. At a (much) younger age, I never would have imagined hearing myself say this, but fitness is fun! I'm sick of cold weather and am looking forward to some sunshine and sweat.

Stay tuned for more Reasons to Race and please consider donating. Thank you for your encouragement and support! To make a donation, please click here.

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