Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tri for Triumph: Reason to Race #9

Reason to Race #9: Community of Crazy

image credit: lifetime south beach tri

A couple days ago, I blogged about "conquering crazy" as a reason to race, but if it's crazy to do these kinds of events, there sure has been an outbreak of crazy over the last few years. The community of running and triathlon athletes is growing in number, and everyday I'm inspired by friends within this community.

Being part of a sport which is so individual yet so unified in community spirit has redefined my definitions of team and collaboration. For the upcoming Lifetime Fitness South Beach Tri, I have been able to collaborate with my colleagues from Mandell and Rocket to fundraise for a great cause, Scholarship America, while engaging in a secondary passion together. We are indeed a team, both in school and on the course. We are also part of a larger community of athletes from around the world who have unique reasons to race.

So my reason to race #9 is for all the awesome people who swim, bike, run, or any one of those three! #Thumbsup everyone and thank you for the daily inspiration! #letsgo

If you would like to support our cause, Scholarship America, please do so by donating here. Thank you for your support and encouragement!

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