Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tri for Triumph: Reason to Race #17

Reason to Race #17: Carpe Diem

As more tragic news hit the streams this week with the fate of Malaysian flight 370 and the mud slide which swept away the idyllic community in Washington, I found myself feeling grateful for each moment I have with all the wonderful people in my life. 

There's no moment like this one to capture life's opportunities. Each step I take, each mile I ride, each lap I swim, I seek to feel more alive. However, there are few things that measure up to the rush of crossing the finish line in a race! This year, when my colleagues asked me to join them in the race, I thought I don't have a bike, or a pool, or time...maybe next year. But then I thought, Why not? It's not like I'll have more of any of those later! I'm so glad I didn't hesitate and dove right in. We often get stuck in a pattern of analysis paralysis in our lives when the reality is tomorrow is not usually better than today nor any easier. So, reason to race #17: Carpe Diem!

If you'd like to donate to my race cause, Scholarship America, please click the link below. Thank you for the continued likes, shares, comments, and other support along the way! 

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