Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tri for Triumph: Reason to Race #16

Reason to Race #16: To see my Florida family & friends!

Having moved to NYC almost five years ago, I've adjusted to all aspects of city life (even the weather!) but I haven't adjusted to not seeing my Florida crew. I miss them all the time and look for every excuse to get down here and see them. 

My parents have even kicked their hospitality (always stellar) up a notch to help me get race ready. I traveled down this week for a spring break training session and arrived to a supply of sports beans and Gatorade, with my equipment ready to go as well. 

Mom drove me to pick up my bike, and tomorrow morning will find her walking along the beach next to my swim route. I'm a very lucky person to have such wonderful people in my life in both of my favorite places. Looking forward to returning in April for more time with my Florida family & to rocking the race! 

If you'd like to contribute to my ace cause, Scholarship America, please do so here. Thank you! 

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