Friday, April 4, 2014

Tri for Triumph: Reason to Race #26

Reason to Race #26: Well, it's not for the fashion!

There are some great reasons to race in a triathlon (see numbers 1-25) but let me tell you, fashion is not among them. I went to buy my tri suit today; the race is this weekend, so you can tell how (NOT) enticing this purchase was to me. 

There was a good reason people stopped wearing bike shorts and neon in the 80s. 

So reason #26 is not fashion, but don't worry; I've still got a great reason to race. There are only a couple moments when the following advice applies, especially connected with fitness and a healthy lifestyle. 

From my cousin (awesome and inspiring coach Sean Edwards  @personalbesttri)..."Wed on should be when you start to carb load, basically adding carbs in to your diet, and Thursday is the big carb night."

You got it coach! I'm onto day three of carb loading (mixing in protein now) and loving pre-race life. So the real reason to race #26: 1 word--CARBS. Happy Friday indeed!

Even though it has nothing to do with carbs, please consider donating to my race cause, Scholarship America, by clicking the link below. Thank you for all the likes, shares, retweets and other support. Only one more day until race day!

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