Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reason to Race #23: Ocean Swim Sans Sharks

Yes, this is Miami...and yes, those are sharks.
image credit: wideopenfish.com
I can think of few things as beautiful and serene as the ocean off South Florida. A swim in these crystal clear, warm, and calm waters is among life's greatest pleasures...unless of course, there are thousands of sharks migrating up or down the shoreline to keep you company! Yes, this is the one thing I am terrified of when I swim solo in Florida, but when I get the chance to train in the open water, I tend to suck it up and swim while this soundtrack plays on repeat in my head, "Was that a shark? I think I felt something! It's in your head. Just keep swimming....Is that a shark? I think I felt something!"

I'm looking forward to the race on Sunday as my first 2014 ocean swim without the fear of sharks mistaking me for food. According to discovery.com, the #1 way to avoid a shark attack is to "Stay in groups and do not wander away from your companions, since sharks are more likely to attack individuals." Check! 

Reason to race #23: To lose the fear of a shark attack and only have to worry about the "Just keep swimming" part. Easy breezy! ;)

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I do want to go on record as a postscript that sharks are amazing creatures. Also cited on discovery.com is the following fact: while sharks kill 10 humans a year, humans kill between 20-30 million sharks. Usually, sharks only attack us because they mistake us for their natural prey, while humans catch and kill sharks for entertainment. That video gone viral from Boca is evidence of this...shameful! #sharklove #justdon'tbiteme

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